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A one-way ANOVA is used to analyze the effect of BMI and age on the measured outcomes, while for the nonnormal variables of air kerma, DAP, and fluoroscopy time, a Kruskal-Wallis H test is used.
For calculation, the maximum possible activity of 1.47 GBq per patient was used, along with the factor of air Kerma rate constant for the Tcm99 from Table 1.
Kerma was Nubia's first centralized state with its own indigenous forms of architecture and burial customs.
The calculated value of the thermal neutron flux density was 1817.5 neutrons/[cm.sup.2]/s and the average value of kerma rate determined on this basis amounted to 244 [micro]Gy/h, and the dose equivalent rate stood at 610 [micro]Sv/h.
DAP corresponds to the integral of air kerma across the entire x-ray beam emitted from the x-ray tube (28) and can act as a surrogate marker for dose to the patient's skin (22, 29).
A clay soil, classified as a vertisol, was collected from a farm field in El Kerma, commune of El Hadjar, Annaba province (36deg 44' 35"N; 7deg 39' 59"E).
MCNP Dose energy card (DEn) and Dose function card (DFn) were used to introduce the conversion factors from energy fluence into the kerma in air.
It is limited by the municipalities of Ain El Kerma west, Messerghine east, El Angor and Andalusian north and south stands Terziza (Fig.
It was calibrated by the method of substitution in terms of air kerma by the supplier with the expanded 1.2 percentage uncertainty in the calibration factor.
It is suitable for air kerma and organ dose reconstruction using embedded exposure-to-dose conversion coefficients (e.g., red bone marrow, thyroid).