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A red dyestuff once prepared from the dried bodies of various female scale insects of the genus Kermes.

[French kermès, short for alkermès, from Arabic al-qirmiz, the kermes, probably from Sanskrit kṛmi-ja-, (red dye) produced by worms; see kwr̥mi- in Indo-European roots.]
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1. (Dyeing) the dried bodies of female scale insects of the genus Kermes, esp K. ilices of Europe and W Asia, used as a red dyestuff
2. (Plants) a small evergreen Eurasian oak tree, Quercus coccifera, with prickly leaves resembling holly: the host plant of kermes scale insects
[C16: from French kermès, from Arabic qirmiz, from Sanskrit krmija- red dye, literally: produced by a worm, from krmi worm + ja- produced]
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(ˈkɜr miz)

a red dye formerly prepared from the dried bodies of the females of a scale insect, Kermes ilices.
[1600–10; < French kermès < Arabic qirmiz < Persian; compare crimson]
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Kermes is an annual occasion in which all the town's residents participate, and for which children and adults eagerly wait from year to year.
Now, you may have read the title and thought to yourself, what is a kermes? Well, we are here to tell you that it is unlike any Mexican Fiesta you have seen or heard about.
Meanwhile, Cayetano's wife incumbent Taguig Mayor Lani Cayetano, who is gunning for representative of Taguig City's second district, voted at the Kermes Elementary School in Taguig.
Fagaceae Kermes mesesi, Piynar Quercus ithaburensis Fagaceae Mese palamudu subsp.
El yo registra los ingredientes diversos intervinientes en la elaboracion de los lugares y asigna al pais mexicano la capacidad de componer con los colores mas alegres, cual kermes o parque de diversion, los paisajes mas tristes.
Projeler, kitap bagisi kampanyasi, farkindalik yuruyusu, bisiklet turnuvasi, resim yapma etkinligi, balon ucurma etkinligi, mektup arkadasligi, hobi bahceleri olusturma, ogrenci toplulugu olusturma, stand acma, kermes duzenleme, halk egitimleri ve cekilen kisa fi lmlerin sosyal medyada paylasimidir.
Jasser plays viola d'amore, classical violin, composes, directs and performs with numerous artistes from all walks of life from Barbara Hendricks to Youssou N'Dour or Sister Marie Keyrouz, stars of the opera world and the flamboyant diva Simone Kermes. Graduated with a degree in Music, Musicology and Education, Jasser performs worldwide and has recently directed the Chamber Orchestra of Paris at the Philharmonie of Paris, in France.
In the 16th century, it was exported to Europe and began to replace the domestic kermes insect (Kermes vermilio) [5, 6].
Kermes oak (Quercus coccifera L.) is a small evergreen shrub of fewer than 2 meters, whose fruits are acorns provided with stings.