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A black bear (Ursus americanus subsp. kermodei) found in isolated regions of coastal British Columbia. About ten percent of kermode bears have creamy white fur.

[After Francis Kermode, early 20th-century Canadian naturalist .]
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In 2011 she was given an eight month sentence after stealing PS7,683 from 94-year-old Christine Kermode.
Kermode On Film (iTunes, acast, Spotify) Whether you value his opinion or not, Mark Kermode is the UK's foremost film critic.
Robin Kermode previously told ( Express that there were already several signs suggesting that Prince Charles and Princess Diana weren't meant to be together during their engagement interview.
Novak Djokovic played down a reported rift with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal on Wednesday, saying he welcomed their views on the controversial ousting of ATP Chairman Chris Kermode.
Tension between the three biggest names in men's tennis appeared on the rise after Djokovic, president of the ATP Player Council, rebuffed a request by Federer to meet during the BNP Paribas in Indian Wells earlier this month to discuss the future of ATP chairman Chris Kermode. Despite a tenure which brought record prize money and growth, Kermode was ousted as ATP chief when players' representatives on the ATP Board failed to endorse an extension of the Englishman's contract.
FILM critic Mark Kermode has led a double life as a musician since childhood.
Spark Plugs - David Baddiel on the left, and Mark Kermode, centre
Roger Federer Sunday said he planned to speak to fellow big guns Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray about the future of ATP Tour chief Chris Kermode after reports of a move to oust him.
Neil Kermode, head of EMEC, said the aim is to "put another dent in our carbon addiction".
Mark Kermode's Christmas Cinema Secrets BBC Four, 9pm From It's A Wonderful Life to Die Hard, many people will be sitting down to watch a festive movie this week, but what makes a true Christmas classic?
People like that really need to spend a couple of hours in the company of Mark Kermode.
Chris Kermode, ATP Executive Chairman and President, was joined by Tennis Australia CEO Craig Tiley at the announcement of the details for the launch of the ATP Cup -- a revamped 24-team World Team Cup over 10 days in three Australian cities playing for a prize fund of $15 million (Dh55 million) in the first week of January 2020.