kerosene heater

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Noun1.kerosene heater - heater that burns oil (as kerosine) for heating or cookingkerosene heater - heater that burns oil (as kerosine) for heating or cooking
heater, warmer - device that heats water or supplies warmth to a room
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Frozen pipes: If pipes freeze, never try to thaw them using propane or a kerosene heater.
In December 2012, 37 grade four girl students in the town of Sheenabad in West Azerbaijan province suffered burn injuries when a faulty kerosene heater burst into flames while being removed from the classroom.
In addition, burn injuries due to gas explosion, kerosene heater and electricity were found more in the age group of 20-39 years old (Table-2).
Syrian-Kurdish refugees carry a mattress and a kerosene heater at the Quru Gusik refugee camp, 20 kilometres east of Arbil, the capital of the autonomous Kurdish region of northern Iraq on Tuesday
My in-laws fortunately had an "old-fashioned" kerosene heater that can be lit with a match.
If you have a woodstove, fine, but otherwise you might consider having a kerosene heater on hand.
It was not yet clear what caused the fire, but some sources said that a kerosene heater triggered it," Russia Today website quoted a Jordanian Civil Defense source as saying.
We share supplies like water, food and a kerosene heater.
An explanation was not found until the twentieth century when lemon growers discovered that green fruit would quickly ripen when placed in a shed with a kerosene heater, but not with any other kind of heater.
My mother and I lovingly put the perfect fuzzy babies on the clean newspaper, under the hover warmed by a kerosene heater.
She put the skin on the kerosene heater to speed up the drying
People won't do the math until the electricity bill with the new tariff literally arrives at their doorsteps," Aghbar, who was sitting on his desk close to a kerosene heater, stated.