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intr.v. ker·plunked, ker·plunk·ing, ker·plunks
To fall with a sound like that of a heavy object falling into water.
A kerplunking sound or movement.

[ker-, intensive pref. (probably from Scots) + plunk.]

ker·plunk′ adv.
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1. informal a sound of something landing noisily
2. old-fashioned slang US an unexpected disappointment
to make a noise when landing on or hitting the bottom of something
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with or as if with a sudden muffled thud: The rock hit the water kerplunk.
[1885–90; see ker-, plunk]
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Games included wooden horse racing, giant kerplunk and, to finish, a staff race that involved extra-large feet.
Preliminary research has nae found ony chess pieces so far, though I did uncover playing cards, some Fuzzy-Felt, and an original set of Kerplunk fae 1967, so I reckon I'm close tae being quids in.
The activities were designed to promote the importance of numeracy in a fun and engaging way, and included Basketball Maths, Times Tables Football Pool, Giant Kerplunk and Inflatable Darts.
There will be an array of stalls and games, including a bouncy castle, face painting and a giant kerplunk game as well as a BBQ, tuck shop, ice creams and a cake stall.
Nothing turns off a fish more in skinny water than the KERPLUNK of a lure or bait on its noggin.
One resembled a game of KerPlunk, another drew comparisons to an abacus, and more than one have looked unfortunately similar to a bondage gag.
Spend the evening exploring the museum's hands-on exhibits along with extra activities just for grown-ups, including Boozy Makerspace, Paint Whatever the Heck You Want, Knock Your Blocks Off, Tattoo Yo' Self, Recycled Raft Racing, Giant Kerplunk, Hungry Hungry Humans, and more.
Prue Leith bounced back from her tweeting faux pas and was as delightfully colourful as ever, sporting a tunic so orange you thought your telly's contrast was set wrong, and a necklace that looked like a box of Travel KerPlunk exploded.
During the dark, desolate nights of the miners' strike, Kerplunk and Mouse Trap proved usual morale boosters.
Outside games include a mammoth parachute, earth ball or giant-sized kerplunk, a potters wheel and sock wrestling.
This May Bank Holiday weekend at Soar also gives visitors the chance to take part in giant games, including Connect 4, Jenga, Snakes and Ladders, Noughts and Crosses and Kerplunk.