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intr.v. ker·plunked, ker·plunk·ing, ker·plunks
To fall with a sound like that of a heavy object falling into water.
A kerplunking sound or movement.

[ker-, intensive pref. (probably from Scots) + plunk.]

ker·plunk′ adv.
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1. informal a sound of something landing noisily
2. old-fashioned slang US an unexpected disappointment
to make a noise when landing on or hitting the bottom of something
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with or as if with a sudden muffled thud: The rock hit the water kerplunk.
[1885–90; see ker-, plunk]
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NEW YORK CITY: New York Classical Theatre kerplunks Friedrich Schiller's Mary Stuart in the lobby of 195 Broadway on July 5-13.
I recall the excitement of young anglers on cool misty mornings as reels are spun and bait kerplunks into the water.