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n. pl. ker·seys
1. A twilled woolen fabric, sometimes with a cotton warp, used for coats.
2. often kerseys A garment made of this fabric.
3. A woolen, often ribbed fabric formerly used for hose and trousers.

[Middle English kersei, after Kersey, a village of southeast England.]


1. (Textiles) a smooth woollen cloth used for overcoats, etc
2. (Textiles) a twilled woollen cloth with a cotton warp
[C14: probably from Kersey, village in Suffolk]


(ˈkɜr zi)

n., pl. -seys.
1. a heavy, fulled woolen overcoating similar to melton.
2. a coarse, twilled woolen cloth sometimes made with a cotton warp and used for work clothes.
3. a garment made of kersey.
[1400–50; perhaps after Kersey, in Suffolk]
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Rather fat--grown-up Bacchus--cut the leaves--dismounted from the tub, and adopted kersey, eh?
Kersey was unfortunate as an hour into the 13k run he turned an ankle on a steep descent and so had to hobble the last 30 minutes back to the finish line for a medical examination.
In his 14th NBA season, the six-time all-star is second only to Jerome Kersey in the length of time it took him to win a title.
Holmfirth results: Dave Watson 1st, 1st M40, 28;22; Jonathan Sykes 17th, M50, 32:24; Dave Roberts 23rd, 3rd M45, 32:53; Margaret Sykes 27th, 1st lady, 1st F40, 33:04; Jean Shotter 107th, 1st F50, 40:40; Rosemary Baker 115th, 3rd F50, 41:04; Bill Hunter 143rd, M65, 44:20; Tim Cock 162nd, 2nd M70, 47:10; and Den Kersey 204th, F60, 58:28
Only Jerome Kersey, who was in his 15th season when the 1999 San Antonio Spurs won it all, needed longer to be a member of a champion.
Holmfirth results: 1st Dave Watson (1st M40) 34:35; 19th Jonathan Sykes (M50) 39:46; 21st David Roberts (M45) 40:56; 22nd Margaret Sykes (1st F40, 1st Lady) 41:12; 48th Kevin Yewlett (3rd M60) 45:28; 120th Tim Cock (1st M70) 57:34; 125th Paul Winn (M55) 58:57; 152nd Angela Smith (F50) 71:58; Den Kersey (3rd F60) 74:56
Arliss Howard, right, with Olivia Kersey, plays a failing writer in ``Big Bad Love.
Holmfirth results - 1 Dave Watson, M40, 28-52; 10 James Durrans, M40, 33-01; 12 Jonathan Sykes, 2nd M45, 33-01; 18 Dave Roberts, 3rd M45 34-08; 30 Margaret Sykes, 2nd lady and 2nd F40, 35-17; 48 David Drake, M45, 37-16; 60 Sean McCaffrey, M45, 39-00; 66 Ian Moore, M55, 39-26; 81 Robert Robinson, M55, 40-00; 137 Bill Hunter, M65, 46-11; 144 Jo Bailey Tailor, F40, 46-41; 161 Tim Cock, 1st M70, 48-03; 177 Paul Winn, M55, 50-35; 210 Angela Smith, F50, 60-57; 216 Den Kersey F60, 63-31.
Cynthia Kersey, one of the parents involved in the effort, said she worries that the books - and now the movie - will lead some children to become obsessed with the supernatural.