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kerygma, kerugma

1. the original, oral gospel preached by the apostles.
2. the preaching of the Christian gospel, especially the activity of the earliest Christian missionaries. — kerygmatic, adj.
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Noun1.kerugma - preaching the gospel of Christ in the manner of the early church
preaching, sermon, discourse - an address of a religious nature (usually delivered during a church service)
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In the context of globalization, church mission should strive to embrace at all costs the witness of the church (marturia), proclamation (kerugma), fellowship (koinonia), and service (diakonia).
These so-called daily ecclesial practices like leitourgia, koinonia, diaconia, kerugma, marturia, and catechesis have an impact upon the congregation and upon society.
In their contributions, Judith Fletcher and Klaas Tindemans further add to the 'precarious power' of law (p169) by treating Creon's and Antigone's laws not as nomos but as kerugma, that is, performative utterances of power and insurgence respectively, which can be potentially ineffective (as in Creon's failure to control his subjects by language and in his doing of the burial that he initially forbade), but also potentially promising in their carrying out new sociopolitical acts (as in Antigone's entrance in the public space and her embodiment of democratic debate).