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n. Christianity
The proclamation of religious truths, especially as taught in the Gospels.

[Greek kērugma, preaching, proclamation, from kērux, kērug-, herald.]
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(Ecclesiastical Terms) Christianity the essential news of Jesus, as preached by the early Christians to elicit faith rather than to educate or instruct
[from Greek: preaching, proclamation]
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(kɪˈrɪg mə)

the preaching of the gospel of Christ, esp. in the manner of the early church.
[1885–90; < Greek kḗrygma proclamation, preaching]
- ker•yg•mat•ic (ˌkɛr ɪgˈmæt ɪk)
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kerygma, kerugma

1. the original, oral gospel preached by the apostles.
2. the preaching of the Christian gospel, especially the activity of the earliest Christian missionaries. — kerygmatic, adj.
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Noun1.kerygma - preaching the gospel of Christ in the manner of the early church
preaching, sermon, discourse - an address of a religious nature (usually delivered during a church service)
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This much venom, page after page of assertions so unhinged from reality, I wonder if this is not the result of these signatories' entertaining the sneaking suspicion that Francis is right, that he has called the church back to the central kerygma of the Gospel.
He covers traditional views and new insights on the Quranic Jesus; Jesus in the Quranic corpus: texts and contexts; reassessing the typology, date, and ideology of the Jesus passages and their setting; moving backwards: a peripheral South-Arabian christology; and from the Qur'an's early christology to the elaboration of the Muhamadan kerygma. (Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR)
The Gospels are not classified as apologetic writings but "kerygma," or teachings.
This catechetical narrative composed to facilitate understanding is in the service of the kerygma, the proclamation of the good news of salvation in Jesus the Christ.
The ministry of diakonia is interrelated with the other ministries, such as kerygma and koinonia.
A solution to get to know Christ could be to demythologize kerygma, delimitating the message from myths and making it accessible to contemporaries.
La expresion <<tiene palabras de vida eterna>> (Jn 6,69) seria reflejo del kerygma primitivo, no de los hechos sucedidos (p.