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A pungent, toxic, colorless gas, C2H2O, used chiefly as an acetylation agent.
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(ˈkiːtiːn; ˈkɛt-)
(Elements & Compounds) a colourless irritating toxic gas used as an acetylating agent in organic synthesis. Formula: CH2:CO. Also called: ethonone
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(ˈki tin)

a colorless poisonous gas, C2H2O, used chiefly in the manufacture of acetic anhydride and aspirin.
[< German Keten (1905); see ketone, -ene]
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Diketene is a dimer of ketene. A diverse set of chemicals can be derived from diketene, such as diketene esters, arylamides, alkylamides, and dihydroacetic acid (DHS) and salt, among others.
Furthermore, EOs regulate the production of inflammatory cytokines, tumor necrosis factor, [alpha] interleukins IL6 and IL-1B [41].On general, the anti-inflammatory properties are related to chemical composition of EOs .They could be due to ketene substances such as 2 Undecanone, 1Decanol-2 methyl and Dodecanone.
Preparation of starch acetate esterification agent mainly covered acetic anhydride, vinyl acetate, vinyl chloride, ketene, and so on.
Methyl ethyl ketene peroxide (MEKP) is a colorless liquid.
Abstract: Alkyl ketene dimer (AKD) is a common sizing agent, which is suitable for any kind of cellulose and its derivatives.
Djebbar, "Investigations of the inhibition of copper corrosion in nitric acid solutions by ketene dithioacetal derivatives," Applied Surface Science, vol.
This interesting reaction cascade begins with the in situ phosphazene formation of 11 via the Staudinger-Meyer reaction with concomitant ketene formation from 12 via a Wolff rearrangement.
The spectrum of O-CNTs confirms the presence of C-O ([v.sub.C-O] at 1,040 [cm.sup.-1]), O-C-O ([v.sub.O-C-O] at 1,260 and 804 [cm.sup.-1]), carboxyl C=O ([v.sub.O-C-O] at 1,730 [cm.sup.-1]) and ketene C=O ([v.sub.C-O] at 1,620 [cm.sup.-1]), the peak at 3,430 [cm.sup.-1] is corresponding to the O-H stretching vibrations of the C-OH groups and the water molecules intercalated into O-CNTs.
While Turkish diplomats held firm to the idea of a huge Turkmen population, the Turkish strategy to amplify Turkmen strength inside Iraq and on the world stage went from the sublime to the ridiculous when it emerged that many family members of Orhan Ketene, the Washington, DC, representative of the Iraqi Turkmen Front, a proxy for Turkish state interests, considered themselves Kurdish rather than Turkmen.
prepared alkyl ketene dimer (AKD) wax coatings with a lotus-like surface (high contact angle, low CAH) and a rose-like surface (high contact angle, high CAH) and tracked the variations of their EIS spectra for up to 17 days.