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Noun1.ketohexose - a monosaccharide having six carbon atoms and a ketone group
hexose - a monosaccharide that contains six carbon atoms per molecule
fructose, fruit sugar, laevulose, levulose - a simple sugar found in honey and in many ripe fruits
ketose - any monosaccharide sugar that contains a ketone group or its hemiacetal
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Fructose is a ketohexose that can be present in many fruits via hydrolysis of sucrose; uptake in the intestine occurs via several glucose transporters that had the capacity to a greater or lesser degree to transport the fructose such as transporters Sglt1 and glucose transporter-5 (GLUT-5) [2].
Because there is a lack of natural enzymes that can reduce or oxidize lactose, the scientists engineered existing enzymes to develop a novel process that converts galactose from hydrolyzed lactose into D-tagatose, a ketohexose which is a low-calorie sweetener and well-suited for diabetics.
crassifolia, extracts, obtained by [degrees]Brix, to classify sugar kinds the extract was submitted to a lugol reaction, presenting negative result, indicating the presence of mono and disaccharides, from Barfoed and Seliwanoff reactions was possible to determine that the extract had mainly monosaccharides and ketohexoses. Monosacharides are a carbon source to fungi, a major component to their growth and sporulation, once their related to their nutrition process (Sangeetha and Rawal, 2008).