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also ke·tub·bah  (kə-to͞o′bə, kə-to͞o-bä′)
n. pl. ke·tu·both or ke·tu·bot (-to͞o′bōs, -to͞o-bôt′) or ke·tu·bahs also ke·tub·both or ke·tub·bot or ke·tub·bahs Judaism
A marriage contract, traditionally written in Aramaic, stipulating certain rights and responsibilities according to Jewish laws and customs.

[Mishnaic Hebrew kətubbâ, writing, writ, contract, from Hebrew kātab, to write; see ktb in Semitic roots.]
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(Judaism) Judaism the contract that states the obligations within Jewish marriage
[from Hebrew, literally: document]
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A state Supreme Court justice in Tompkins County has dismissed a woman's complaint that attempted to enforce a ketubah, a type of Jewish prenuptial agreement.
(A national tour will follow.) There are artifacts ranging from Bernstein's piano (a Baldwin, though he used to invoke another manufacturer to tell people how to pronounce his name: "No one ever called a Steinway a STEEN-way!"), an annotated copy of Romeo and Juliet in which he formulated ideas for West Side Story, the mezuzah from his studio, the ketubah from his marriage to Costa Rican actress Felicia Cohn Montealegre, and his family Haggadah which, unsurprisingly, contains additional sheet music.
As part of the day's events, we signed a Ketubah, the traditional Jewish wedding contract.
Demonstrating the coalescence of utterance and object, during their wedding ceremony Rabbi Helfgott explains the importance of the Ketubah, stating that, "we need a record and a proof of what we feel [at this time].
Kavanaugh felt so close to Jason Beckman and Jason Colodne that he asked the pair to sign the ketubah (Jewish marriage contract) at his wedding.
Muslim marriages (17) or the ketubah in Jewish marriages (18)--often
(181) If the court rules for divorce based upon two witnesses, the woman loses her ketubah (her financial rights upon divorce under the Jewish marriage document), her alimony, and--of course--her property that has always been in the sole possession of her husband.
He must in this case pay her [his present wife] the amount of her ketubah. For I hold that whoever marries a wife in addition to his [present] wife must pay [the present wife] the amount of her ketubah (the price stipulated in the marriage agreement for the husband to pay in the event of the termination of their marriage, either by his death or by their divorce).
The Robbins-Mestre ketubah will feature a complex pattern of interlocking circles arranged in the shape of the Washington Square Park Arch.
(78) Given this precedent, it appears that religious tribunals have considerable latitude in interpreting marital contracts (including mahr or ketubah provisions), and their holdings will be difficult to overturn on appeal.