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Noun1.key stroke - the stroke of a key; one depression of a key on a keyboard; "the number of keystrokes was used as a measure of work"
stroke - a single complete movement
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He said at the run for title but he missed two key stroke at hole no.
Our every computer key stroke and purchase is exploited.
The breach occurred when scam artists broke into a paralegal's email account, enabling them to monitor her correspondence live, key stroke for key stroke, Messer said.
Every mouse click and key stroke leaves virtual footprints of personal information, habits and character traits, likes and dislikes--in short, the essence of you, aggregated to form a most personal snapshot for all to see.
They used a modified cheap novelty plug-in lamp with a USB connector to "read" every key stroke from the adjacent keyboard USB interface.
But au contraire, some of the one-key or reduced key stroke functions opened my eyes wider to different icons and available functions to perform financial management data analysis.
of Colombo, Colombo, Sri Lanka., proposed a concept on underutilized resource in Affective Computing, key stroke dynamics (KSD), which overviews modern functionality that incorporates a certain level of intelligence and potential benefits of key stroke variations.
If the hacker has installed a key logger on your Smartphone and you access your bank account either using an application or visiting the webpage of the bank, the key logger may record each key stroke and instantly share it with the hacker who at his or her convenience may access your bank account using the stolen credentials.
By incorporating the Glebar P4K measurement system, a product can be placed on a fixture, and with a single key stroke, the entire part can be measured and all features checked resulting in a quick pass/fail.
A Charter customer can even continue to use his old remote control; his set-top box simply sends each key stroke to servers that take milliseconds to register updates as the customer browses the list of channels, or programs a DVR.
At the touch of a button or through a key stroke, the UAE's government and its myriad of services are now accessible every hour of every day that makes up a year.