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Noun1.key stroke - the stroke of a key; one depression of a key on a keyboard; "the number of keystrokes was used as a measure of work"
stroke - a single complete movement
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Secondly, Entier offers incremental text search, which progressively executes the search, narrowing down the results with each key stroke.
These scams typically start with a hacker gaining access to username and password information through phishing and key stroke logging attacks.
A single drawing can't be rotated to show the breadth or depth of an object; nor can the color or size be changed with a single key stroke.
In addition to the star-ratings of each of the 22,000 financial institutions noted, users can access the web pages of bank and credit union supporters of this service with a simple key stroke.
With the ability to attract media attention and ignite the passion of the public; by a simple key stroke, NGOs can mount enormous campaigns against the actions of corporations and situations they find untenable.
The technology allows users to "talk" to the PC and execute commands verbally instead of using a key stroke or mouse.
According to the report, AMC demonstrated 85 percent adherence to GWTG key stroke measures.
The single key stroke blunder on a computer meant she was not diag-nosed until a year later by which time the disease had spread to her bones.
Blacks more likely to have undiagnosed key stroke risk factor, have higher stroke incidence
And when they need help, they'll be only a key stroke away from a colleague halfway around the world.
With Reflections, documents and data are present and available at the touch of a key stroke and are stored in highly secure data facilities containing system redundancy which assures reliable document availability.
Other key stroke facts: -- After the age of 55 your chances of a stroke doubles every decade -- 80% of strokes are preventable -- African-Americans are affected by stroke more than any other group