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Noun1.key stroke - the stroke of a key; one depression of a key on a keyboard; "the number of keystrokes was used as a measure of work"
stroke - a single complete movement
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Blue switch: Click pressure point, key stroke with tactile and audible contact feedback
even if you strike the edge of a key, the key stroke still feels the same.
With a built-in computer and tiny solenoid pistons, the piano springs to life there as though being played by a ghost initiating every key stroke and pedal movement that Lucas makes .
For example, a key logging program can capture each user key stroke and steal sensitive passwords and financial information.
Fully integrated and modular in design, BTC Management Systems software allows the fleet manager to schedule use, invoice, electronically track, allocate, dispatch, schedule maintenance, measure costs, track employee hours and rates, and feed data to financial systems in one single key stroke or data entry.
With the technology, an external PC interface allows users access to the manufacturer's SparkAnalyzer software to carry out single key stroke analyses as well as print out optional certificates, statistical process control reports and charge correction functions.
Wincrypt also includes an on-screen keyboard that prevents key stroke logging or monitoring.
Signals can now be selected and played with a single key stroke.
With the ability to attract media attention and ignite the passion of the public; by a simple key stroke, NGOs can mount enormous campaigns against the actions of corporations and situations they find untenable.
The technology allows users to "talk" to the PC and execute commands verbally instead of using a key stroke or mouse.