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Noun1.Keyhole limpet - marine limpet having a conical shell with an opening at the apexkeyhole limpet - marine limpet having a conical shell with an opening at the apex
limpet - any of various usually marine gastropods with low conical shells; found clinging to rocks in littoral areas
Fissurella, genus Fissurella - type genus of the family Fissurellidae: keyhole limpets
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in partially protected areas (TURFs) seem to enhance the gonadosomatic index in TURFs, suggesting a potential positive direct effect of fishing restriction on the reproductive success of keyhole limpets (Aldana et al.
Thus, differences in mean size of keyhole limpets were observed between El Quisco and Quintay (which are close together), but also between El Quisco and Maintencillo, or between Quintay and Maintencillo, which are further away (Fig.
As observed for keyhole limpets, mean differences in body size between pairs of sites was not related to the distance between sites: differences were observed between both the closest sites (Laguna Verde and El Quisco) and the two farthest ones (Las Cruces and Maitencillo).
It also has been shown that an increase in temperature affects the attachment capacity of different species such as sea urchins, abalone, sea cucumbers, wavy turban snails, California sea hares, and giant keyhole limpets.
The marine snail Bulla gouldiana (Pilsbry, 1895), red abalone Haliotis rufescens (Sawainson, 1822), green abalone Haliotis fulgens (Philippi, 1845), pink abalone Haliotis corrugata (Wood, 1828), wavy turban snail Megastrea (Litopoma) undosa, mangrove periwinkle Littoraria scabra (Linnaeus, H 1758), California sea hare Aplysia californica (Cooper, 1863), and giant keyhole limpet Megathura crenulata (Sowerby, 1825) exhibited a similar response when they were close to the preferred temperature.
Behavioral thermoregulation and critical thermal limits of giant keyhole limpet Megathura crenulata (Sowerby 1825) (Mollusca; Vetigastropoda).
1997) in a comprehensive analysis of 325 individual keyhole limpets have also observed an average ratio of 1:2 for the two subunit types (i.
Such oligomeric forms are the hemocyanin of bivalve, Yoldia thraciaeformis and keyhole limpet, Megathura crenulata (Gebauer et al.
Produce for: Jade Food Products," contained a poisonous or deleterious substance; the article was decomposed; the article was keyhole limpets and was not abalone-like shellfish as declared on the labels --403(a)(1); the labels of the article lacked the place of business of the distributor, Jade Food Products, Inc.
Along the next bay, look southward for sea urchin shells, keyhole limpets, and corals.
Annual extraction of keyhole limpets over the last five years reached a maximum of 12,800 metric tons in 2004 and a minimum of 3,400 metric tons in 2000 (Sernapesca 2004).
maxima are the largest (70-110 mm) and are classified among the large keyhole limpets (McLean 1984).