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A keyboard machine used to punch holes in cards or tapes for data-processing systems.
intr. & tr.v. key·punched, key·punch·ing, key·punch·es
To process on or use such a keyboard machine.

key′punch′er n.
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1. a machine, operated by a keyboard, for coding information by punching holes in cards or paper tape in specified patterns.
2. to punch holes in (a punch card or paper tape) using a keypunch.
3. to insert (data) into a computer by means of a keypunch.
key′punch`er, n.
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Only 26% indicated that the majority of their returns are still entered by keypunch operators.
Every week the cards were reviewed and signed off by a supervisor, collected from each location, reviewed by timekeepers and sent to keypunch. The automated payroll and labor reporting systems rejected many of the charges, thus requiring time-consuming investigation and manual adjustment.
GoodNet that years are allowed to pass while we sit like paralyzed keypunch operators that have outlived their usefulness.
Another benefit of DEX is that it saves retailers considerable clerical labor costs, because it eliminates the need to keypunch paper invoice information.
All data were double entered for verification of keypunch accuracy and were analyzed using a standard statistical package.
When requisitions went to the keypunch office, operators now transferred volume measurements to worksheets.
During the 1970's, improvements in methods of entering data into computers, for example, resulted in a drop in the number of keypunch operators despite the rapid growth of computer usage.
Tina immigrated to the United States in 1955, initially working as a flight attendant and then settling in Chicago, working as a computer keypunch operator.
She also worked at Fred Meyer and as a keypunch operator for the Bonneville Power Administration.
The IRS admits there will always be a small percentage of returns requiring input in the traditional keypunch or transcription mode.
Unfortunately, at the keypunch level, a $1 million plus error can be made just as easily as a hundred dollar one.
All our accountants, staff through partner, input the information directly into the computer (bypassing the input forms and the keypunch operator), view the forms on screen and print the return on nearby laser printers.