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or qui·pu (kē′po͞o)
n. pl. khipu or khi·pus or quipu or qui·pus
A record-keeping device of the Inca Empire consisting of a series of variously colored strings attached to a base rope and knotted so as to encode information, used especially for accounting purposes.

[Quechua khipu, knot.]
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A palavra quipu, tambem utilizada na literatura como Khipu ou Quipo, e uma palavra quechua, que significa no, tanto no singular quanto no plural.
"Evidence suggests that Andeans composed khipu epistles during the rebellions to ensure secrecy and affirm cultural legitimacy.
The company now offers 18 additional local payment methods including the company's own currency, BoaCompra GOLD, Redcompra, and Khipu (online bank transfers), enabling international game companies to access the online population in Chile.
(2.) The Wari did, however, develop a precursor to the Inca knot-writing device known as the khipu. William J.
The question remains whether some of the native informants Cieza mentions in his chronicle were khipu keepers, and, thus, whether he interacted with them through interpreters.