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 (kĭb′ĕ, -ē) or kib·bee (kĭb′ē)
A mixture of ground beef or lamb, bulgur wheat, and spices, served baked, fried, or raw.

[Colloquial Levantine Arabic pronunciation of Arabic kubba, ball, meatball; see kbb in Semitic roots.]


(ˈkɪbiː; ˈkɪbə) or


n, pl kibbeh
(Cookery) a Middle Eastern dish made with minced meat and bulgur shaped into patties
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But a quick chat with chef Hicham Farhat, who this week takes up residence at the H Hotel (formerly the Monarch) in Dubai, reveals a staggering variety and innovation in the cuisine -- there's even a kibbeh for every day of the year.
A "special security force from the office of the Armed Forces Commander" arrested Baghdad Airport Assistant Manager Samer Kibbeh during a raid on his office late Thursday night, according to an article published on Iraq's Al-Sumaria TV channel Friday.
For example the kibbeh has been stacked and the stuffed vine leaves has been adapted into a sushi style serving," she said.
While many Armenians in the surrounding streets roasted a turkey for the main fare, Badgeur's menu was a basic lineup of Armenian mezze with some Lebanese additions such as kibbeh nayeh, Mangasarian told The Daily Star Sunday.
I'm a fan of kibbeh nayeh (Dh65), the raw lamb mix that is made into fried kibbeh, so ordered a plate but found it not as flavourful as it could be.
Think stuffed grape leaves without the dried or brined leaves; manakeesh without ztar or kishik; hummus without olive oil; kibbeh with no bulgur; fattoush with no sumac; breakfast without labne or apricot jam.
The lobster kibbeh references Middle Eastern mezze -- it's torpedo-shaped, stuffed and fried and seasoned with the Arabic spices one would expect.
Certain combinations are sacrosanct -- fledgling chefs and culinary interlopers should proceed with caution before daring to reinterpret the honeyed knafeh cake of the Palestinian city of Nablus, or north Lebanon's hat-shaped kibbeh Zghortawiyeh.
Although there are iftar favourites from the Arabic kitchen -- kibbeh and the like -- we say go direct for the fresh seafood counter, laden with prawns, smoked fish, mussels and cherrystone clams -- sweet and icy bites of the ocean -- and then move on to the little dishes of antipasti, and the cold meat platter.
Would they be able to recreate, say, chicken fatteh or sour-cherry kibbeh based solely on Helou's descriptions?
Meat lovers will appreciate the mixed grill, kibbeh bil laban (kibbeh in cooked yoghurt), batata bil sanieh (Arabic shepherd's pie) and of course the traditional ouzi station (lamb and rice).
There were five different kinds of baked kibbeh on the menu.