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 (kĭ-bo͝ots′nĭk, -bo͞ots′-)
A member of a kibbutz.


1. (Agriculture) someone who lives and works on a kibbutz
2. (Judaism) someone who lives and works on a kibbutz


(kɪˈbʊts nɪk, -ˈbuts-)

a member of a kibbutz.
[1945–50; < Yiddish kibutsnik=kibuts kibbutz + -nik -nik]
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Noun1.kibbutznik - a member of a kibbutz
kibbutz - a collective farm or settlement owned by its members in modern Israel; children are reared collectively
fellow member, member - one of the persons who compose a social group (especially individuals who have joined and participate in a group organization); "only members will be admitted"; "a member of the faculty"; "she was introduced to all the members of his family"
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In the kibbutz archive, the kibbutznik is the archon, the Arab is the outsider, and the Moroccan Jew Abutbul is an outsider, too, but slightly less so.
In the small city of Sderot located at a spitting distance to Gaza, I visited a friend who is an urban kibbutznik.
Critique: Golda Meir, born Golda Mabovitch, (May 3, 1898-December 8, 1978) was an Israeli teacher, kibbutznik, politician and the fourth Prime Minister of Israel.
Another, Avital Geva, becomes a conceptual artist who eventually immerses himself in a project, a greenhouse, that is one part representation and one part exemplification of the kibbutznik ethos--if that ethos were entirely an exercise in the art of living and not at all a practical component of state-building.
For the trained eye of a kibbutznik, it was ideal for agricultural machinery.
That was the end of Peres the kibbutznik and the beginning birth of Peres the life-long politician.
We say Kabbalat Shabbat, then as we turn to face the back entrance to welcome the "bride" of Shabbat, the kibbutznik guarding the door enters singing "bo'i chalah, "his rifle slung behind, his tallit billowing over it.
The young kibbutznik understands their wariness of Christian culture and opposition to intermarriage but regards it as an unfortunate prejudice.
Many of the essays recollect his earlier years: his favorite food; his experience in ration-driven postwar Britain; his teenage years as a kibbutznik in Israel; his time at university.
45) Nimtzowitz rhapsodized at length about how a real-life encounter with a handsome, educated kibbutznik had inspired her composition, concluding that physical labor--combined with the joys of communal living and education--would yield a new society.
English Word Occupation Nationality lascar sailor East Indian kanaka sailor Polynesian gaucho cowboy Argentine vaquero cowboy Mexican muzhik collective farmer Russian kibbutznik collective farmer Israeli