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also kib·bitz  (kĭb′ĭts)
intr.v. kib·itzed, kib·itz·ing, kib·itz·es also kib·bitzed or kib·bitz·ing or kib·bitz·es Informal
1. To chat; converse: "[They] are very reserved people and prefer not to kibitz with strangers" (Ann Marie Sabath).
2. To offer unwanted or meddlesome advice, such as that given by the spectator of a card game.

[Yiddish kibitsen, from German kiebitzen, from Rotwelsch (German underground argot) kibitschen, to search (a prisoner), inspect, of unknown origin.]

kib′itz·er n.


(intr) informal US and Canadian to interfere or offer unwanted advice, esp as a spectator at a card game
[C20: from Yiddish kibitzen, from German kiebitzen to be an onlooker, from Kiebitz busybody, literally: plover]
ˈkibitzer n


(ˈkɪb ɪts)

v.i. Informal.
1. to act as a kibitzer.
2. to offer advice or criticism to as a kibitzer.
[1925–30; < Yiddish kibetsn]


Past participle: kibitzed
Gerund: kibitzing

I kibitz
you kibitz
he/she/it kibitzes
we kibitz
you kibitz
they kibitz
I kibitzed
you kibitzed
he/she/it kibitzed
we kibitzed
you kibitzed
they kibitzed
Present Continuous
I am kibitzing
you are kibitzing
he/she/it is kibitzing
we are kibitzing
you are kibitzing
they are kibitzing
Present Perfect
I have kibitzed
you have kibitzed
he/she/it has kibitzed
we have kibitzed
you have kibitzed
they have kibitzed
Past Continuous
I was kibitzing
you were kibitzing
he/she/it was kibitzing
we were kibitzing
you were kibitzing
they were kibitzing
Past Perfect
I had kibitzed
you had kibitzed
he/she/it had kibitzed
we had kibitzed
you had kibitzed
they had kibitzed
I will kibitz
you will kibitz
he/she/it will kibitz
we will kibitz
you will kibitz
they will kibitz
Future Perfect
I will have kibitzed
you will have kibitzed
he/she/it will have kibitzed
we will have kibitzed
you will have kibitzed
they will have kibitzed
Future Continuous
I will be kibitzing
you will be kibitzing
he/she/it will be kibitzing
we will be kibitzing
you will be kibitzing
they will be kibitzing
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been kibitzing
you have been kibitzing
he/she/it has been kibitzing
we have been kibitzing
you have been kibitzing
they have been kibitzing
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been kibitzing
you will have been kibitzing
he/she/it will have been kibitzing
we will have been kibitzing
you will have been kibitzing
they will have been kibitzing
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been kibitzing
you had been kibitzing
he/she/it had been kibitzing
we had been kibitzing
you had been kibitzing
they had been kibitzing
I would kibitz
you would kibitz
he/she/it would kibitz
we would kibitz
you would kibitz
they would kibitz
Past Conditional
I would have kibitzed
you would have kibitzed
he/she/it would have kibitzed
we would have kibitzed
you would have kibitzed
they would have kibitzed
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Verb1.kibitz - make unwanted and intrusive comments
comment, point out, remark, notice - make or write a comment on; "he commented the paper of his colleague"


vi (US inf)
(Cards) → kibitzen (inf)
(= chat)plaudern, quatschen (inf)
References in periodicals archive ?
But Smith gamely trudged up and down a slippery and snow-buried Main Street, visiting half a dozen media studios so she could talk about her movie; play the straight woman with the constantly kibitzing Hamm; and, for the benefits of the camera, politely engage in a ring toss on a moose antler.
Despite my gut feeling that this may be an exercise in utter futility because the Supreme Court regards public opinion as nothing more than kibitzing, and thinks that Court alone, on its high pedestal, has the monopoly of bright ideas, may I make an unwelcome suggestion anyway?
From 10 to 11 o'clock in the morning, it's very social, people sitting around talking, gossiping, kibitzing.
After kibitzing with some local shepherds, Quixote notices approaching strangers.
After wringing out Ruger's new Precision Rifle, several writers and I were kibitzing on the 100-yard range of the FTW "Sportsmen's All Weather, All-Terrain Marksmanship" training and hunting facility in Texas, when Gurney strolled over with a short, black bag slung over his shoulder.
Many teens broadcast their days and their dates to a murmuring, texting crowd of kibitzing friends--relieved they don't live in their parents' lonely world, where most experiences are faced alone, unbuffered by a team of virtual advisors.
Lawyer, critic, shrink--the glamor of the kibitzing professions: Always out in the storm.
In initial drafts, Frank Morgan was originally cast as "Bob": "First 'Bob' was Wright's romantic swain, but a kibitzing companion said Bob was short for a word containing a taboo symbol, so it is 'Frank' now, not Bob".
But Josh Gad, plopped in an armchair next to Crystal and kibitzing with him about the excruciatingly pepper-obsessed restaurant they visited recently, looks very much at ease.
I had great fun kibitzing with the Secret Service this year about the Ducks," she says of the UO football team that is part of the inaugural College Football Playoff and playing in the Rose Bowl on Jan.
Here's the final list, for your quibbling and kibitzing pleasure, with notes along the way:
A group of ladies was kibitzing with the exercisers, and several men were ignoring everything and playing pool.