kick one's heels

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Verb1.kick one's heels - wait or pass the time aimlessly or futilely; be kept waiting; "She kicked her heels for hours at the gate of the Embassy"
wait - stay in one place and anticipate or expect something; "I had to wait on line for an hour to get the tickets"
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(hiːl) noun
1. the back part of the foot. I have a blister on my heel.
2. the part of a sock etc that covers this part of the foot. I have a hole in the heel of my sock.
3. the part of a shoe, boot etc under or round the heel of the foot. The heel has come off this shoe.
1. to put a heel on (a shoe etc).
2. (usually with over) (of ships) to lean to one side. The boat heeled over in the strong wind.
high-heeled shoes.
at/on one's heels
close behind one. The thief ran off with the policeman close on his heels.
kick one's heels
to be kept waiting. I was left kicking my heels for half an hour.
take to one's heels
to run away. The thief took to his heels.
to heel
(of dogs etc) at a person's heel. You must teach your dog to walk to heel in a busy street.
turn on one's heel
to turn one's back (and walk off).
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It was not unusual to kick one's heels here for two or three hours while trying to change trains to or from Aberystwyth on the Cambrian Coast line that terminates in Pwllheli.