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Noun1.kick start - a starter (as on a motorcycle) that is activated with the foot and the weight of the body
bike, motorcycle - a motor vehicle with two wheels and a strong frame
starter, starter motor, starting motor - an electric motor for starting an engine
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Royal Enfield, an India-based automaker, has introduced a new versions of the Bullet 350 KS (kick start) and the Bullet 350 ES (electric start).
Summary: New Delhi (India), Aug 5 (ANI): An excited Nick Jonas who is keen to kick start his 'Happiness Begins' tour in Miami is leaving no stone unturned to prepare for the big show.
George Clarke's Council House Scandal (Channel 4, 9pm-10pm) George Clarke embarks on a campaign to kick start a housing revolution, and attempts to uncover the reasons behind the steep decline in affordable council house building.
There are many options but Fitchef's famous 21-day kit contains 54 meals + 44 smoothies to kick start your journey.
3 Yoga is a great way to kick start the day IF you start early, your day will be longer.
"Kits can be incredibly expensive so I would like to thank the team at Taylor Wimpey on behalf of the whole club - the boys cannot wait to kick start the new season now."
September 19, 2015 DABCI Kick Start (Los Angeles, CA) Introduction to Chiropractic Family Practice Instructor: Larry Ward, DC
'Kick Start Your Ride' is an initiative from the two governing bodies to encourage more women to cycle to matches.
Claire, who lives in Hinckley, said: "The promotion of young people fits in with Baldwins' support of young entrepreneurs who will be able to realise their aspirations through our Kick Start scheme.
Baldwins Kick Start is an annual award program for young entrepreneurs who have a great business idea but need a Kick Start to get up and running.
The Kick Start club, which is based at Red Row Welfare north of Morpeth, was presented with the new kit after applying to the force's Charities Fund.
Kick Start, BBC One 1979-1988 THIS motorbike equivalent of Britain's Strongest Man was one of the staple telly watches of the '80s.