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1. A buoyant board used to keep the upper body of a swimmer afloat while allowing free movement of the legs, used chiefly to improve kicking technique or develop leg strength and endurance.
2. A freestanding wall, usually made of wood and having the dimensions of a soccer goal, used typically by one or two players to practice kicking, trapping, and shooting the ball.


(Swimming, Water Sports & Surfing) a flat type of float, usually made of foam rubber, which a swimmer holds onto when practising leg strokes


(ˈkɪkˌbɔrd, -ˌboʊrd)

a buoyant board that is used to support the arms of a swimmer, used chiefly in practicing kicking movements.
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| Slazenger Kickboard, PS5.99, Looking to add a little extra to your swim?
Standard female swimming bathers, a standard size polyethylene kickboard (35cm x 26cm), iPhone with a video-recording feature, chalk and a measuring tape were used at various stages of intervention.
Among those in the know, Kickboard led in the running.
Micro Kickboard of Switzerland offers the latest in "green" mobility, providing a fuel-free, fast, safe, and eco-friendly way to get around.
Entrepreneurs have also provided teachers with a new class of resources--allowing them to access curated lessons from across the country (Better Lesson), better track student performance (Kickboard), and better access targeted professional development (BloomBoard).
"Using a kickboard to work your lower body can easily get your heart rate up," says Lapena.
You might grab a kickboard or even an old deck to pose handplants and airs.
Gradeable integrates seamlessly with existing gradebooks like Aspen X2, Kickboard, and PowerTeacher.
What happened was that Simon "simply stopped swimming with his head resting on the kickboard several seconds after he left the pool gutter to begin the flutter-kick exercise."
The kitchen is fitted with under-cupboard lighting, integrated LED lights to the kickboard, integrated oven, gas hob, extractor unit, dishwasher and tiled floor with under floor heating.
Abby West, Tyger Gruber, ShaiLynn Ramey and Benjamin Zeller combined to win the 100 free relay for the Highlanders, and North's Cassie Serra, Jacob Locke, Hunter Moore and Sean Steindorf won the 100 kickboard relay.
(2) Swimming instructor Katie Meservey helps Thomson Rugema, 11, of Worcester use a kickboard yesterday at Assumption College.