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n. pl. kid·dos Slang
a. A child.
b. A young person.
2. Pal. Used as a term of familiar address: "I said to the girl, rather snootily: 'I have a trade, kiddo. I'm a detective'" (Ross Macdonald).


n, pl -dos or -does
an affectionate form of address used to a younger person


(ˈkɪd oʊ)

n., pl. -dos, -does.
Informal. (used as a familiar form of address.)
[1880–85; kid1 + -o]


[ˈkɪdəʊ] n (mainly US)petit(e) m/fkid gloves npl
to treat sb with kid gloves → prendre des gants avec qn
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Nothin' doin', kiddo," came the answer, as the chauffeur measured with hard, wise eyes the crumbling edge of the road and the downfall of the outside bank.
The Island of Misfit Makers is free and open to the public, and will feature the work of these local makers: United Goods, Minny & Paul, Samantha Rei & Ashley Hay (aka Rei <3 Hay), Tessa Louise, ILO Studio, Wooden Spoon Editions, Skipping Lilies, Stacey Johnson Jewelry Design, Dad & Kiddo Pottery, Cheri C Meyer, Infrared Studio, Loulure, Patina Market, Minneapolis Chandlery, J.
Your kiddo, typically a toddler, bonks his head or gets really mad about something.
Najwa fell in love with the little kiddo (as did we) and ended up giving her a huge hug and a kiss, while Helmy carried her on his shoulders and ran around the studio with her
TEHRAN (FNA)- Security sources in Nineveh disclosed that the ISIL has named a German kiddo for leading the terrorist group's execution squad in the province.
Jean Kiddo is joining the FCC's Incentive Auction Task Force as deputy chair for the transition.
A lot of people had a lot of respect for that kiddo," Velez said.
So we made this little short sequence; partly to test out some choreography ideas I had and partly to see if I could create something my kiddo could see," he added, revealing how his previous celluloid efforts had been far too violent for his young daughter to watch.
one of our men look loaded famous chin up kiddo she actually pushed my
She saw somebody who needed somethin' or another kiddo left alone at the jungle gym, my Jessie was the first one to try'n do somethin' 'bout it.
Seeyaa kiddo RIP chuck Paul Southern-Cavendish Facebook "f" Logo CMYK /.
AH Jaysus, move over Joe, there's a new kiddo in town.