kidney pie

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Noun1.kidney pie - like steak and kidney pie but without steakkidney pie - like steak and kidney pie but without steak
meat pie - pie made with meat or fowl enclosed in pastry or covered with pastry or biscuit dough
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In addition to the famous steak pies, the new range will include mince pies and pasties, corned beef pies and pasties, sausage rolls, chicken pies and by special request the old steak and kidney pie.
Bond girl Britt Ekland, 72, who had a two-year relationship with the star in the 70s, said: "Rod would far rather sit around at home eating steak and kidney pie and watching television than spend an evening in bed making passionate love.
Well, except to sit under a blanket on the sofa, with special licence to eat a whole steak and kidney pie out of a tin, while one's siblings - yahboo to you
Well, steak and kidney pie might be off the menu for the foreseeable
Top prizes include a steak and kidney pie, a bottle of HP sauce and a tin of peas.
A Commons spokesman said the products withdrawn were steak and kidney pie, beef and onion pie, steak and kidney suet pudding, and beef Italian meatballs.
IRISH TRADITIONAL COOKING packs in over 300 recipes from Ireland from Carrot and Parsnip Mash to Country Blackberry and Apple Cake and Steak and Kidney Pie, and is a pick for any who would receive a basic, unpretentious cookbook celebrating Ireland's rural traditional dishes.
Favourites in the range also include the best-selling potato and meat pie, meat pie, steak & kidney pie and pudding and cheese and onion pie.
Our original Clark's pie is now joined by a family of delicious hand-raised products, including a steak pie, chicken balti pie, traditional steak and kidney pie, chicken and vegetable pie, corned beef pasty and cheese and onion pasty, which are all made with the same love and care that has been passed on from generation to generation.
My personal favourite was the steak and kidney pie -- nice, flaky pastry on top, meaty chunks inside with just enough kidney for even non-offal eaters to be willing to give it a try.
Britain failed to make the grade with its national stalwarts fish and chips, steak and kidney pie and roast beef, polling so few votes it did not make the top 20.