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An adult who has maintained or adopted a lifestyle associated with young people, especially in matters of fashion, entertainment, and recreation. Also called adultescent.

[Blend of kid and adult.]
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an adult who is interested in forms of entertainment such as computer games, television programmes, etc, that are intended for children
aimed at or suitable for kidults, or both children and adults
[C20: from kid1 + (ad)ult]
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Would you like of coffee now?" " Bringing Hanks a drink would notonly nod to the past by the of these witty, kidult, family friendly films.
Moreover, removing children from the equation isn't just avoiding the essential point of the exercise, it just starts to create a bizarre line of 'kidult' stuff that borders on from the geeky to the potentially creepy.
Whether you've had a long week at work or the kids are being a handful, there's always somewhere you can disappear to inLiverpoolto let out your inner 'kidult'.
Other thematic zones include Pet Toys, Fireworks and Kidult World - the latter showcasing toys for grown-ups such as hobby goods, magic items, action and war game items, as well as models and figurines.
Kidult and Boven, the event will move on to the venue of Artqpie in Taichung on Sept.
THE unemployed couch potato kidult still living at home at the age of 30 could represent the next stage in human evolution, according to a new theory.
Following on from "Oh F***, I'm 40!", this is the second installment in Herring's once-a-decade examination of ageing, from being an irresponsible, single kidult, literally fighting his way through a mid-life crisis, to marriage and parenthood.
The package also includes discounted entrance rate to the Gyeongju Kidult Museum, Gyeongju Bird Park and Gyeongju Teddy Bear Museum which are all nearby.
He will be looking at how his life has changed in the last decade, from irresponsible, single kidult, literally fighting his way through a mid-life crisis, to married father who is mid-way to the telegram from the Queen.