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 (kĭl-bä′sə, kēl-)
A spicy smoked Polish sausage.

[Polish kiel̷basa, from East and West Slavic *kŭlbasa, from East Turkic kül bassï, grilled cutlet, from Turkic kül bastï : kül, coals, ashes + bastï, pressed (meat) (from basmaq, to press).]


(ˌkiːlˈbaːsə; ˌkɪlˈbaːsə) or


(Cookery) a traditional garlic sausage of Eastern European origin
[from Polish kiełbasa, Ukrainian kovbasa]


(kɪlˈbɑ sə, kil-)

n., pl. -sas, -sy (-sē).
a smoked sausage of coarsely chopped beef and pork, flavored with garlic and spices.
[1950–55; < Polish kiełbasa sausage]
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Unfortunately, Surkont loved Polish sausage, and by the time the Pirates traded him to the Cardinals, he was so out of shape and overweight that he should have been called the Kielbasa King.
The reception dinner featured Serbian cevaps, German pretzels, South Korean bolgogi, Polish kielbasa, Turkish baklava, and fine Chinese whiskey.
From a farm-to-table lunch to a gastronomic dinner, from paella to kielbasa, from pandesal to siopao, from galletas to butterscotch, how much can one eat in two and a half days?
Its kielbasa, a traditional Polish smoked sausage, is well worth sampling (
Some of the new products in the Rodna Stryha line are jelly delicacies, coriander honey, a hip jam roll, and winners of the "Keep your native taste" contest, a jam of sweet peppers and smoked kielbasa.
Specifically designed to be prepared with a multi-cooker and on the dinner table in 60 minutes or less, the thoroughly kitchen cook friendly recipes range from Kielbasa Potato Soup; Hearty Beef and Bean Chili; Mediterranean Chicken with Olives; and Sirloin Tips in Mushroom and Onion Gravy; to Moo Shu Pork; Creamy Mashed Butternut Squash; Maple-Glazed Carrots; and Dark Chocolate Pudding.
The $2.2 billion Truliant Federal Credit Union in Winston-Salem, N.C., promoted Rik Kielbasa to the newly created role of chief digital officer.
Popular restaurant serving potato pancakes, kielbasa, chicken & pork cutlets, desserts & cakes.
Traditional Polish foods like kielbasa, pierogis and cabbage dishes are served.
Kielbasa disappeared from the butcher's shop, cabbage from the market.
17) Mac's Deli-Polish Kielbasa, Oscar Mayer turkey bacon.
The meal, to be served on the greenhouse patio, will feature burgers, kielbasa kabobs, salads, beverage and dessert.