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A whitish to yellowish hydrous magnesium sulfate mineral, MgSO4·H2O, found in salt residues.

[After Dietrich Georg Kieser (1779-1862), German physician.]


(Minerals) a white mineral consisting of hydrated magnesium sulphate. Formula: MgSO4.H2O
[C19: named after Dietrich G. Kieser (died 1862), German physician; see -ite1]
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Noun1.kieserite - a white mineral consisting of hydrous magnesium sulfate often found in salt mines
mineral - solid homogeneous inorganic substances occurring in nature having a definite chemical composition
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Contract notice: Provision of Fertilizer magnesium-sulfur esta kieserite or equivalent.
The overall production strategy is to initially produce standard MOP from Sylvite mineralisation and to progressively transition the project to include the production of Granular MOP, standard and granular SOP and K-Mg sulphates from Carnallite, Kainite and Kieserite mineralisation.
Mineral Species Origin Detection Method (1) Primary Igneous Minerals Olivine Basaltic rocks; MER: Mossbauer, Pyroxene (clino- basaltic sands Mini-TES; + ortho-) (physically- ME: OMEGA Feldspar weathered rocks); (plagioclase, soils and dust maskelynite) Ilmenite Magnetite Secondary Minerals Kieserite Aqueous alteration + ME: OMEGA; Gypsum deposition MER: Mini-TES Polyhydrated sulfates Ca-/Mg- sulphates Jarosite, Aqueous/eolian MER: Mdssbauer, [Fe.
Relationship to other species: It is the cobalt-dominant analogue of kieserite, MgS[O.