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1. A cask.
2. An obsolete English measure of capacity equal to 18 imperial gallons (81.8 liters).

[Middle English, alteration of Middle Flemish kinderkin, variant of Middle Dutch kindekijn : quintel, quintlein, quintal (from Medieval Latin quintāle; see quintal) + -kijn, diminutive suff.]


1. (Units) an obsolete unit of liquid capacity equal to 16 or 18 Imperial gallons or of dry capacity equal to 16 or 18 wine gallons
2. a cask capable of holding a kilderkin
[C14: from Middle Dutch kindekijn, from kintal hundredweight, from Medieval Latin quintale; see kentledge]


 a measured capacity, usually the fourth part of a tun.
Examples: kilderkin of corn, 1600; of drink, 1670; of herrings, 1423; of knowledge, 1593; of wit, 1682.
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Noun1.kilderkin - an obsolete British unit of capacity equal to 18 Imperial gallons
British capacity unit, Imperial capacity unit - a unit of measure for capacity officially adopted in the British Imperial System; British units are both dry and wet
firkin - a British unit of capacity equal to 9 imperial gallons
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