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or kill′joy`,

a person who spoils the joy or pleasure of others; spoilsport.
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Friends have advised Vivacious Yelper to keep mum about an ongoing dispute with Dauntless Kill-joy.
However, Skelton ward councillor David Walsh said while he was "not a kill-joy, I enjoy my pint (or four)" but said he had reservations about "booze on demand 24 hours a day via a mobile".
I cringe at this bleakness but still continue reading, yearning for the three spirits to appear and bring about a change in Scrooge- from a stingy kill-joy to a kind and thoughtful human being.
I don't wish to sound like a kill-joy, but do we have to be subjected to loud bangs every night for weeks on end?
No one wants to be a kill-joy but when the public can't be trusted to use common sense, measures are taken to help.
It's a patronising, kill-joy piece of dumbing down worthy of one of Saki's own loathed bossy manipulative child-hating characters.
Williams, though, might be a bit of a kill-joy if he was on the show because he insists: "I'd go from the top of the big one from the very start.
I am not a kill-joy and see nothing wrong with professional pyrotechnicians holding organised displays in parks and stadia etc., but not teenage yobs running berserk and lobbing what are virtually mini hand grenades at all and sundry.
It was in such serene ambiance that the issue of human right abuses and war crimes during the antiLTTE campaign erupted as a kill-joy. President Rajapaksa won a decisive victory over the Tamil Tiger guerrillas in 2009.
Young people reading articles such as this will shrug and dismiss it as kill-joy and another example of the nanny-state.
Virgo (24 Aug to 23 Sept) Call 0905 817 0751 You may not be too happy with the shenanigans going on and you're likely to say so but will it be received in the spirit in which it's sent or will you come across as a finger wagging kill-joy? It's all in the delivery.