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n. pl. killdeer or kill·deers
A New World plover (Charadrius vociferus) that has a distinctive noisy cry and two black bands across its breast.

[Probably imitative of its call.]
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n, pl -deer or -deers
(Animals) a large brown-and-white North American plover, Charadrius vociferus, with two black breast bands and a noisy cry
[C18: of imitative origin]
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n., pl. -deers, -deer.
a common New World plover of farmland and meadows, Charadrius vociferus, having two black bands around the upper breast.
[1725–35, Amer.; imitative]
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Noun1.killdeer - American plover of inland waters and fields having a distinctive crykilldeer - American plover of inland waters and fields having a distinctive cry
plover - any of numerous chiefly shorebirds of relatively compact build having straight bills and large pointed wings; closely related to the sandpipers
Charadrius, genus Charadrius - type genus of the Charadriidae: plovers
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"These devils will scale heaven to circumvent us to our ruin," said Hawkeye; "keep him in play, boy, until I can bring 'killdeer' to bear, when we will try his metal on each side of the tree at once."
Wildlife viewing and birdwatching exist throughout the year, and an accessible wildlife viewing platform is located on the bog, serving as a great spot to see Canada geese, mallard, wood duck, hooded merganser, pied-billed grebe, belted kingfisher, killdeer, green heron, and great blue heron.
Then the avocets and killdeer, avocets also adopting
KILLDEER (7.30) can hit the headlines for Team Godolphin on Sunday Mail Racenight at Hamilton.
HAMILTON: 6.00 Woodside Wonder, 6.30 Scoundrel, 7.00 Hee Haw, 7.30 Killdeer, 8.00 Blue Havana, 8.30 Colour Contrast, 9.00 Morticia.
But a killdeer, named for its penetrating squawk that sounds eerily like "kill deer," has laid four eggs in the area where the main stage is to stand, bringing preparations to an abrupt halt.
The portfolio comprises the 103,241 s/f 1 Killdeer Court building, the 46,888 s/f 614 Heron Drive building and the 43,251 s/f603 Heron Drive building.
Across temperate North America, the widespread and abundant killdeer Charadrius vociferous, a plover that frequents both uplands and wetlands, is perhaps the best known ground nesting species attracted to anthropogenic cover types.
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