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kill′er app′

a computer application that surpasses its competitors.
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Half the panelists share their thoughts on the next wave of killer apps in this issue's Part 1, and the other half shed light on business issues that will confront TMT companies in the coming months in Part 2, which will run in an upcoming issue of Computer Technology Review.
Unleashing the Killer App" identifies the 12 fundamental design principals for building killer apps, illustrating these principles with classic stories from history and examples from a wide range of industries that have successfully developed killer apps.
is launching a new series of 30 and 60 second shorts called " Killer Apps " that will showcase the must-have apps that iPhone, iPad and other smart mobile device owners will want to download to survive the holidays
Instead, firms need to create killer apps for niche markets, and especially those not requiring exorbitant infrastructure investments.
Titled "Faster, Better, Cheaper or Killer Apps," the panel will explore the new challenges and experiences in building e-businesses -- from developing a new startup, to creating an e-business within a bricks-and-mortar giant, to building an Internet services business tackling and developing whole new markets.
As new killer apps appear, data stored on servers explode, and the ever-more popular 24/7 environment exists when a SAN full-function solution of hardware and software designe d for compatibility and minimal downtime is employed, IT managers will painlessly move into REDI mode.
E-health is rapidly shaping up as one of the key killer apps on the truly high-speed broadband networks.
In this digital world, killer apps -- new goods or services that establish an entirely new category -- are erupting faster and with greater frequency than ever before, wiping traditional providers off the map and rewriting the rules of how business is done.
I chose Interstar's XMediusFax SP solution as one of my killer apps because I was impressed with the product's ability to partition fax servers to serve the needs of enterprise and service provider customers.
Toshiba's Strata CIX's FeatureFlex(TM) adaptability tool is a 'killer enabler' that endows enterprises with the ability to create their own personalized killer apps," said David R.
on April 28: Joanne Pratt will present the report findings during a panel discussion entitled Killer Apps at 1:30pm.
Other killer apps - from e-mail to eBay, Medline to Match.