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v. t.1.To dry in a kiln; as, to kiln-dry meal or grain.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"The kiln-drying is important as it reduces the moisture level of the timber and means the posts can really absorb the maximum amount of preservative."
17 July 2017 - US-based hardwood supplier Advantage Trim and Lumber Co has acquired a new sawmill in Brazil, located just a few miles up the river from the company's existing kiln-drying and processing plant, Advantage said.
blondeli blondeli survival during the lumber kiln-drying process, but it is unknown whether the specimen was in the larval, pupal, or adult stage during kiln drying.
Replete with color illustrations, the guide explains how to tame wood's properties--including the specifics of kiln-drying and moisture meters.
This technology also eliminates the knots, which allows for lower VOC emissions during the kiln-drying process.
As mentioned last month, the operations at Riberalta do not have kiln-drying facilities at present.
Forest Products Lab codes and kiln-drying times for 650 tropical woods--make it a technical wonder.
Kiln-drying of timber is not, of course, limited to the barrel-making industry, although high production and competitive pricing led to a desire for the benefits that kiln-drying could bring to bear on inventory costs and control.
Reducing final MC variability is, therefore, a priority in kiln-drying, and it can be partially achieved by implementing lumber sorting.
This is a large enough difference to place the groups in different steps in published kiln-drying schedules (Boone et al.
* Determine the severity of warp that develops when sawing lumber from small diameter logs and kiln-drying with conventional and modified kiln schedules