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n. Abbr. kb
A unit of pressure equal to 1,000 bars.


1. (Units) one thousand bars. Symbol: kb
2. (General Physics) one thousand bars. Symbol: kb


(ˈkɪl əˌbɑr)

a unit of pressure, equal to 1000 bars (14,500 pounds per square inch; equivalent to 100 megapascals). Abbr.: kb
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The Contract is the first wholesale 25 kilobar gold contract to be offered globally.
2]O at one kilobar pressure, with petrological applications: Journal of Geology, v.
The modeling assumes crystallization of olivine and plagioclase, under anhydrous pressure of one kilobar, to a final liquid composition of 4.
The minted-quality Harmony kilobar is currently the only one of its kind in the world and is expected to command a premium of up to $1.