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n. Abbr. kDa also kD
A unit of mass equal to 1,000 atomic mass units.
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Glutamik asid dekarboksilazin 65 kilodalton olan izoformu (GAD-65) tip 1 diyabetli hastalarda map otoantijendir.
Pegsiticase (Uricase-PEG 20) is a pegylated recombinant uricase derived from Candida utilis, modified by the attachment of multiple 20 kilodalton molecules of polyethylene glycol (PEG), and is being developed for the treatment of refractory gout and tumor lysis syndrome.
We could obtain appreciable expression of the 285 kilodalton spider silk protein, which is the largest recombinant silk protein ever produced in E.
Expression of surfactant associated protein-A and Clara cell 10 kilodalton mRNA in neoplastic and non-neoplastic human lung tissue as detected by in situ hybridization.
Human IgG subclass antibodies to the 19 kilodalton carboxy terminal fragment of Plasmodium falciparum merozoite surface protein 1 ([MSP-1.
Placenta expresses some larger stathmin-like proteins, but none of the 19 kilodalton forms of stathmin.
Human pancreatic islet cell specific 38 kilodalton autoantigen identified by cytomegalovirus induced monoclonal islet cell autoantibody.
ApoE is a 35 kilodalton (kD) glycosylated protein with multiple biological properties (3).