kiloelectron volt

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kil′o•e•lec′tron volt`

(ˈkɪl oʊ ɪˈlɛk trɒn)
a unit of energy, equal to 1000 electron-volts. Abbr.: keV, kev
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We now know that cosmic X-rays run from less than 1 kiloelectron volt (keV) to as much as 100 keV.
HXMT has three detectors, together spanning an incredible range of energy coverage, from 1 to 250 kiloelectron volts (keV).
In what is called a target-of-opportunity observation, NuSTAR was redirected to take a look at high-energy X-rays from this source in the range of 3 to 79 kiloelectron volts.