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A variety of peridotite forming pipes in which diamonds and garnets are often found.

[After Kimberley, a city in central South Africa where several kimberlite pipes mined for large diamonds are found.]

kim′ber·lit′ic (-lĭt′ĭk) adj.
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(Minerals) an intrusive igneous rock generated at great depth in the earth's mantle and consisting largely of olivine and phlogopite. It often contains diamonds
[C19: from Kimberley + -ite1]
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Noun1.kimberlite - a rare type of peridotite that sometimes contains diamonds; found in South Africa and Siberia
peridotite - a dark coarse-grained igneous rock consisting principally of olivine
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Analyses of concentrations of Kimberlitic Indicator Minerals (KIM's) on the licences indicate proximity to kimberlite pipes, which regional geology suggests may be attractive in size and grade.
'Early in the morning on Friday the 21 April 1967, my team of 12 Batswana explorers and I stepped onto an unusual low concrete hill littered with kimberlitic indicator minerals.
30 news release, the Vancouver silver and cobalt explorer announced the discovery of a kimberlitic body at its Langis project, north of LakeTemiskaming.
Drilling has confirmed kimberlitic material between the north lobe of 5034 and the North Pipe, as well as in the corridor extending northeast of the North Pipe towards Tuzo.
In February 1996, the discovery of a kimberlitic pipe with a productive quantity of diamonds was announced.
Stellar had previously conducted reconnaissance stream sampling in the region in 2006/7, which returned positive results with some samples yielding abundant kimberlitic ilmenite, suggesting proximal kimberlite sources-the most important source of mined diamonds today.
The data includes more than 53,000 surface samples and more than 600 analytical probe results and other kimberlitic mineral data, kimberlitic indicator minerals reported from over 200 locations.
Since their discovery, theories about them have flourished, ranging from their being caused by a fungus similar to that which causes fairy rings, to being an indication that diamond-bearing kimberlitic rock is present, to being UFO touch-and-go pads.
This program will focus on correlating the many diamonds and kimberlitic indicators found in three previous field seasons to the significant magnetic targets identified by the airborne geophysical survey conducted in the summer of 2005.