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also kim·chee  (kĭm′chē)
n. pl. kim·chis also kim·chees
A usually spicy Korean dish made of vegetables, such as cabbage or radishes, that are salted, seasoned, and allowed to ferment.

[Korean kimch'i, possibly from an unattested Old Korean form *kimch'ae : kim, salty (from Middle Chinese γəı̷m; also the source of Mandarin xián) + ch'ae, vegetable, greens (from Middle Chinese tshaj`; see bok choy).]
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(Cookery) a Korean dish made from fermented cabbage or other raw vegetables, garlic, and chillies
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or kim•chee

(ˈkɪm tʃi)

a spicy Korean dish of pickled or fermented cabbage, onions, and seasonings.
[1895–1900; < Korean]
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The American palate has never been more diverse: sriracha in every fridge with kombucha a close second; consumers tucking roasted seaweed snacks and Milkshake IPAs into their shopping carts; and a newly found love of the funk from kimchee to Brussels sprouts and cabbage (cabbage enchiladas anyone)?
You can also find recipes for making your own sauerkraut or kimchee online.
The menu included dishes like his Kimchee (made from scratch) pancakes, wacky and wild fortune cookies, the coveted Maxine's Cape Cod Cheesecake and Cherry, goat cheese and basil pizza and his original kicking veggie wontons.
Growing up in Cebu in the '80s, Tatung was already exposed to all kinds of gourmet food: cheeses, wines, p?te, caviar, fine chocolates, and even kimchee.
Sonnenburg recommends eating fermented foods like yogurt, kimchee, sauerkraut, kefir and miso to provide your body with good bacteria.
Structure of Wood y plants in Kimchee Forest, a virgin Nature Resave in Southern Ethiopia," Ethiopian Journal of Biological Sciences, vol.
City Market in Burlington, Vt., offers healthy options, such as Cilantro Ginger Tofu, Baby Bok Choy Kimchee and Moroccan Meatloaf.
Chef Wade's meal cycle runs through June 2018 and includes island-inspired dishes such as a cold tofu salad with kimchee, watercress, kaiware sprouts, yuzu kosho vinaigrette appetizer and a ground beef and Portuguese sausage meatloaf with home-style gravy, sauteed mushrooms, potatoes and kale entree.
Blackened ahi tuna is new to the menu; at $26.50, the dish mingles rare seared ahi with jasmine rice and kimchee. It's finished with wasabi and a sweet soy glaze and served with micro greens.
(It's spelled 'kimchee' in a Korean cookbook.) What is it, really?
If it is possible to identify microbes from cheeses or fermented foods such as beer, salami, or kimchee, it may be possible to provide further direct evidence of specific food-preparation techniques and consumption habits in past populations.