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At night my room is like the shaft of a coal mine, and it makes Billy Jackson look like the big diamond pin that Night fastens her kimono with."
He blew a hole in the skirt of my kimono, bless his shaky old hand, but we got a jacket on him, and he's to be all right in a week.
Elizabeth got out of bed, wrapped her small body in a pink kimono, thrust her small feet into a pair of blue slippers, yawned again, and went downstairs.
As he was going to the place where he slept, he met a painted- cheeked woman in a greasy "kimono," and she put her arm about his waist to steady him; they turned into a dark room they were passing--but scarcely had they taken two steps before suddenly a door swung open, and a man entered, carrying a lantern.
When he opens it he is confronted with a dainty and exquisitely clean young Japanese lady in a simple blue cotton kimono printed cunningly with small white jasmine blossoms.
Kimonos are a versatile garment that can be worn as a traditional dressing gown or a modern layering piece for your wardrobe.
But while traditional kimonos, which date from the 16th century, according to the Victoria & Albert Museum, have many associations, those tend not to involve lingerie, Hollywood celebrities or reality TV.
I knew it would be a larger program than usual when Verfaillie reported--even before the kimonos arrived--that several teachers were possibly willing to work on the program including the world history/cultures teacher, the home economics teacher, and the art teacher, and the middle school students were coming for a field trip to participate.
Inspired by traditional Japanese robes, contemporary kimonos have been given a modern update, complete with prints, fringing and varying lengths - more than enough to give any outfit a cool, boho vibe.
Long-line kimonos will instantly flatter bums and tums, as well as doubling as a beach cover-up.
He has nearly doubled his number of customers in the past 15 years by selling more kimonos under the [yen]100,000 (RM3,650) price tag, well below the many thousands of dollars a high-end piece can cost.