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Adj.1.kinaesthetic - of or relating to kinesthesis
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And images of words, for the reasons considered in Lecture VIII, cannot be distinguished with any certainty from sensations, when, as is often, if not usually, the case, they are kinaesthetic images of pronouncing the words.
The Arabic version of visual, audio, read/write, and kinaesthetic questionnaire was administered to students from the first to the fifth academic year.
The results of this exercise will determine the initial learner preferences either they are visual or auditory or kinaesthetic learners.
visual, auditory, cutaneous, kinaesthetic, gustatory, olfactory and organic imagery (Campos, 1998; Denis, 1984).
Previous publications on technical and tactical skills and coordination abilities have emphasized that kinaesthetic and visual impressions are critical in this sport [14-17].
One could argue that the kinaesthetic [sic] representation of the music and the presence or absence of kinaesthetic feedback affected the pianists' performance consistency.
This immersion enables learners to negotiate meaning based on their own personal cognitive, affective and kinaesthetic experiences rather than on the descriptions of others' experiences.
Kinaesthetic learners like practical subjects and opportunities to learn by doing.
Firstborn keeps insisting that he is a kinaesthetic learner.
whether learners prefer information to be presented orally (auditory), visually or in a kinaesthetic form.