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also kin·der·gar·ten·er  (kĭn′dər-gärt′nər, -gärd′-)
1. A child who attends kindergarten.
2. A teacher in a kindergarten.

[German Kindergärtner, from Kindergarten, kindergarten; see kindergarten.]
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A child who attends a kindergarten, or a teacher at a kindergarten.
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Noun1.kindergartner - a child who attends a preschool or kindergarten
child, kid, minor, nipper, tiddler, youngster, tike, shaver, small fry, nestling, fry, tyke - a young person of either sex; "she writes books for children"; "they're just kids"; "`tiddler' is a British term for youngster"
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Jacob was a youngster enjoying the freedoms of the average kindergartner. Most times he was active and loud, his whereabouts rarely unknown.
When that boy became a kindergartner, Angelica volunteered daily in his class to train and assist the teacher in the Direct Instruction method which Angelica utilizes.
This one involves a kindergartner named Antonio Peck.
Zoe Manning, a kindergartner at O'Hara Catholic School, was selected as a winner in Catholic Charities' annual Christmas Card contest.
"This is very unusual for a kindergartner, especially to read this many books in a year's time.
School officials had placed the kindergartner in an in-school suspension.
David Parker is furious that his kindergartner brought home from school a picture book that showed two morns and their children washing a poodle.
"This is why I started my school--road construction." In 1983, subway installation and four offspring (including a toddler and a kindergartner) complicated the eight-mile trek from the southern suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to the classes she taught at Point Park College.
For every kindergartner, the child's birth certificate, with an official seal, must be brought to the registrar at the district office.
For some, making time for gay rights advocacy is a priority they wedge in between dance lessons and other kindergartner activities.
A study was designed with a central theme centered on the following research question: "Does the use of the personalized book, "I Like Me", have a significant impact on a kindergartner's self-concept level?" The Success-N-Me Self-Concept Scale was used to provide a comprehensive and systematic analysis of an individual child's self-concept.
This fall, any kindergartner through fifth grader in Idaho can enroll.