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 (kə-nē′sē-ŏl′ə-jē, -zē-)
1. The study of the anatomy, physiology, and mechanics of body movement, especially in humans.
2. The application of the principles of kinesiology to the evaluation and treatment of muscular imbalance or derangement.

[Greek kīnēsis, movement; see kinesis + -logy.]

ki·ne′si·ol′o·gist n.
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1. (Physiology) someone who studies, or is skilled in, kinesiology
2. (Biology) someone who studies, or is skilled in, kinesiology
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Nichola was four stone overweight and she began enlisting the help of a kinesiologist, homeopathist and reflexologist as well as changing her diet.
Although much has changed since, a considerable segment of humanity still needs a shoulder to lean on.Susie Gubler, a Swiss Kinesiologist, and Letlapa Mphahlele, a former South African freedom fighter and member of the National Assembly of South Africa who represents the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania, joined hands to found the global Co-Willing Movement to help hundreds of the less fortunate youths in Africa.
All measurements were taken from the right side of the body by the same person, according to the procedures described in the Anthropometric Standardization Reference Manual (Lohman et al., 1988), and were performed three times by an experienced kinesiologist.
Yet another clinical study (The "Butterfly" Project) was initiated by the retired school principal and kinesiologist Gerlinde Paukert (Figure 6).
Back in 2012, I was writing to organize my thoughts as I struggled with the acceptance of my injuries and motivating myself to undergo exercise routines in the gym, not really understanding what they were for, only that my kinesiologist was instructing me to do so.
The two 30-minute performances, at 8pm and 10pm, will be held by the Amalgamation Choir in collaboration with director Paris Erotokritou and kinesiologist Panayiotis Tofi.
Ben undertook four years of training to become a kinesiologist himself and qualified in 2003, later qualifying in other therapy services.
All training sessions were supervised by kinesiologists, with a ratio of 1: 6 (1 kinesiologist supervising 6 participants).
'A kinesiologist looks at the alignment and structure of the bones and how they affect the muscles working as a group,' Cuthbert explained.
Synopsis: "Sacred Medicine Cupboard: A Holistic Guide and Journal for Caring for Your Family Naturally-Recipes, Tips, and Practices" is the collaborative work of Anni Daulter (author of Sacred Pregnancy and founder of the Sacred Living movement), Jessica Booth (a birth worker, healer, mother, and cocreator of Mama Baby Wise, Sacred Essence, Sacred Fertility, and Sacred Moon Wisdom), Jessica Smithson (a creative kinesiologist, healer, birth worker, mother, and cocreator of Mama Baby Wise, Sacred Essence, Sacred Fertility, and Sacred Moon Wisdom.
The work of Sapir, Bloomfield, Bloch, and, especially, Trager and Smith, (4) to name but a few, provide guides which the kinesiologist, while maintaining his independence, cannot afford to ignore.