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n. miestesia, sensaciones en un músculo de cualquier tipo.
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The consequence of kinesthetic sense disorder may be a decrease in the precision of movement and an impairment of precision grips.
* Differentiation and replication of the direction, speed and range of motion, developed kinesthetic sense;
Thus the kinesthetic sense, although not one of the commonly acknowledged five senses, is the subtle regulator of the complicated body patterns ...
It was then that I clearly felt my movement and coordination begin to flow and make kinesthetic sense. It was amazing to be learning this way--through imitation and a sense of devotion as children naturally do.
The Magnetic Car Play Set is a therapeutic occupational therapy (OT) tool designed for kids to develop kinesthetic sense, motor planning, visual motor, and eye-hand coordination.
I'm a piano player, used to making music on my own, relying on my fingers, aesthetics, kinesthetic sense, and the brain power of emotion and interpretation.
Somatic experiencing works with the body where the disease exists, reaching that part of the brain that still responds to touch/hand massage, music, movement (or the "kinesthetic sense"), and aromas from essential oils.