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Noun1.kinesthetics - the ability to feel movements of the limbs and bodykinesthetics - the ability to feel movements of the limbs and body
proprioception - the ability to sense the position and location and orientation and movement of the body and its parts
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Kinesthetics will show you their thought processes by the way they move their eyes and the words they use.
Kinesthetics understand ideas more quickly by feeling.
(28.) A full exploration of kinesthetics in Finnegans Wake is beyond the scope of this essay.
Even as he is recounting his private experiences, sympathetic readers will recollect their own experiences of the real world, a region generally out of doors, where one can feel the kinesthetic influences of sun, wind, rain, and physical stress.
For Carducci, both the "politics" and the "spirituality" of rock happen through the music's kinesthetics. It's the frictional interaction of riff and rhythm, tension and release, that signifies.