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n.1.The art of using the perimeter; measurement of the field of vision.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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While useful for assessment of the peripheral field, kinetic perimetry has limitations.
Static automated perimetry (SAP) [8-12] or Goldmann manual kinetic perimetry [8, 13, 14] has been used so far in the assessment of VF in LHON patients.
Currently, semiautomated kinetic perimetry (SKP) is an alternative for Goldmann manual kinetic perimetry as a more standardized method.
Visual field testing can be performed by a number of different techniques including confrontation (at the bedside), tangent screen, Goldman kinetic perimetry, and automated static perimetry.
Static perimetry, rather than kinetic perimetry, has since become the accepted standard, and the introduction of the automatic perimeter brought less reliance on the perimetrist for reliable results.
(4) The Royal College of Ophthalmologists guidelines recommend visual field testing every six months using either Goldmann kinetic perimetry or Humphrey or Octopus static perimetry.
It was also interesting to find out that despite advances in technology and the high standard of automated visual fields instruments available today, Dr Cohen swears by the Goldman kinetic perimetry bowl for detecting visual defects that are often missed by the automated perimeters that are of choice for so many of us.
Confrontation testing being both rapid and simple should always precede any more detailed attempts with more sophisticated automated static or manual kinetic perimetry. For those patients too poorly, whether mentally or physically, this test can be most informative.