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 (kə-nĕt′ĭ-sĭz′əm, kī-)
The theory or practice of kinetic art.

ki·net′i·cist n.
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Yet--reflecting a motif Salim had developed through painting in his pre-revolutionary work--the monument's signature feature of isolated figures, disjointed and separated by asymmetrical blank spaces, spoke of a certain "kineticism," in the words of the critic Baland al-Haydari, a dynamism to the stasis of historical thought that constituted, paradoxically, both the absence and idea of coalescence (Haydari 78).
That's what his performance needed - a little stillness, a look at the concerto's slower, subtler beauties and rather less kineticism. Who needs to stroll through Bohemia's woods and fields when they have Dvorak's music?
Those artists associated with Op art, in particular, ditched the Heath-Robinson homeliness of their predecessors in favour of stripped-down canvases which demonstrated kineticism on a flat plane by confusing the eye with contrasting colours and lines.
And emblematic of the reviewer plaudits is the assessment of Entertainment Weekly, which writes: "These are the best superhero action sequences in our superhero-drowned decade," with writer-director Brad Bird bringing "a snazzy Pop Art kineticism to his heroes' journey."
With a collage-based, inclusive approach that consistently juxtaposes media across the Walker galleries--from rarely seen footage to listening stations to sketches to a personal copy of the I Cbing--the curators emphasize several major themes simultaneously: the polyvocality of Cunningham's wider circle, his eagerness as a model and a teacher to blur the boundaries of artistic genres, and his prescient embrace of the interface between human kineticism and electronic technologies.
She states, "These characteristics have their foundation in the musical practices of Africa: group expression; call and response structure; improvisation; downward flowing melodic lines; rhythmic complexity; use of percussion; incorporation of physical movement; use of oral kineticism use of harmonic, pitch and timbre flexibility.
This action is called tumbling and as verbally expressed earlier the kineticism of the piston towards TDC in fact enhances the indispensable turbulence to be achieved.
For its budget, "The Boy Next Door" looks decently polished, and Cohen stages one runaway car chase scene with the kind of kineticism that suggests he might be aching for another go at the "Fast" franchise.
Michelangelo is not viewed in terms of activity, but rather in terms of a kineticism and controlled movement.
David Sterritt points to a paradox at the heart of Hitchcock's "pure cinema," however, noting that "[the shower murder scene's] most significant aspect may be the fact that its kineticism not only shoivs but obscures" (108).
Wieselthier assumed the mask of the innocent childwoman, far-removed from the theories (i.e., kineticism, simultaneity, and, most fundamentally, the Secessionist fusion of art and craft) that guided her work.