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A synthetic cytokinin that promotes cell division in plants and is used in some cosmetics.
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(Biochemistry) a plant hormone that promotes cell division, used in many skin products for its supposed anti-ageing properties.
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(ˈkaɪ nɪ tɪn)

a synthetic cytokinin, C10H9ON5, that retards senescence in plants.
[1955; kinet(ic) + -in1]
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Nodal segments were found best responsive explants for regeneration when MS medium was supplemented with BAP and Kinetin (Razak et al., 2014) or 6-benzyl amino purine and 1-Naphthaleneacetic acid (Soliman et al., 2014).
Campo Research is proud to introduce natural, phyto-based functional active-cosmetic ingredients: Songyi Mushroom Extract (for skin whitening, skin-lightening), Pearl Extract (for sunscreen & moisturizing), Kinetin (isolated from unripe corn seed and young coconut juice for anti-wrinkle and anti-oxidant), DMAE (for antioxidant), Alpha-Lipoic Acid (for anti-oxidant), Coffee Oil (for sunscreen), Plantservative (Natural Plant based Broad Spectrum Preservative) and Siddha Medico Colors (Natural Colorant).
Reichling, Bisson and Becker (1984) have optimized Callus culture from sterilized stem segments of BK2 variety chamomile in MS medium containing 27.7 [micro]M NAA and 11.9 [micro]M Kinetin levels.
These agents can be grouped as antioxidants, biological growth factors and kinetin, herbal ingredients, retinoids, acids of natural origins and its derivatives, and sun filters (Yazan, 2004).
It is possible to infer that T6, composed by kinetin + gibberellic acid + 4-indol-3-ylbutyric acid, probably actuated in a synergistic way, in which the combination of effect for each of these vegetal regulators promoted a development of the shoot part in a more equilibrated way, as also reported by Cato at al.
Shoot induction of salt-tolerant MR219 callus: Selected salt-tolerant callus were cultured in MS media supplemented with 2 mg L-1 kinetin combined with 1 mg L-1 BAP to induce shoot formation (Rao and Jabeen, 2013).
The effects of different levels of kinetin (KT) application on the growth, biomass, contents of chlorophyll (Chl a, Chl b, and carotenoid), arsenic uptake, and activities of antioxidant enzymes in maize seedlings under arsenic (As) stress were investigated by a hydroponic experiment.
Explants were placed on modify MS medium [10] supplemented with 20-60 g/l sucrose without plant growth regulators, on modify MS media with 16.50, 8.25 and 4.12 g/l amonium nitrate (NH4NO3) and full- strength of MS media supplemented with 1.0 and 2.0 mg/l BAP (6-benzyloaminopurine), KIN (kinetin) and 2iP (2-isopentenyladenine) with normal concentration of sugar (30 g/l of sucrose).
The experiment was arranged in a completely randomized block design with four replicates, in which five treatments were evaluated, consisting of a control and four bioregulators: T1--control group, untreated; T2--Booster[R] (2.3% of Mo, 3.5% of Zn, and 0.0035% of kinetin and indoleacetic acid) (500 mL [ha.sup.-1]); T3--Stimulate[R] (0.005% of IBA, 0.009% of kinetin, and 0.005% of gibberellic acid) (500 mL [ha.sup.-1]); T4--Improver[R] (2.0% of molybdenum) (120 mL [ha.sup.-1]); and T5 - Biozyme[R] (1.50% of N, 5.00% of K, 0.10% of S, 0.14% of Mg, 0.08% of B 0.44% of Fe, 0.10% Mn, 0.20% of Zn, 2.00% of total organic carbon, O.
Fiona, of Kinetin Croft, Bartley Green, says she was given the bombshell decision in March, and appealed in April.
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There are different approaches to mitigate the drought hazards, which include the development of stress tolerant plants by selection of stress resistant varieties [7], in vitro selection, use of plant growth hormones (ABA, GA3, kinetin, SA), antioxidants (ascorbic acid, [H.sub.2][O.sub.2]) and osmoprotectants as foliar application and seed treatment [8].