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 (kə-nĕt′ə-kôr′, -nē′tə-, kī-)
Either of two submicroscopic attachment points for chromosomal microtubules, present on each centromere during the process of cell division.

[kineto- + Greek khōros, place; see -chore.]


(kɪˈnɛtəˌkɔː; kɪˈniːtəˌkɔː; kaɪˈnɛtəˌkɔː; kaɪˈniːtəˌkɔː)
(Genetics) a centromere, a protein structure found in chromosomes


(kɪˈni təˌkɔr, -ˌkoʊr, -ˈnɛt ə-, kaɪ-)

a structure on the chromosome, at or near the centromere, to which spindle fibers attach during cell division.
[1930–35; < Greek kīnetó(s)]
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Noun1.kinetochore - a specialized condensed region of each chromosome that appears during mitosis where the chromatids are held together to form an X shape; "the centromere is difficult to sequence"
anatomical structure, bodily structure, body structure, complex body part, structure - a particular complex anatomical part of a living thing; "he has good bone structure"
chromosome - a threadlike strand of DNA in the cell nucleus that carries the genes in a linear order; "humans have 22 chromosome pairs plus two sex chromosomes"
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Prior to anaphase, the CPC is highly enriched at the inner centromere, and ABK activity contributes to spindle and kinetochore assembly, spindle assembly checkpoint signaling, and error correction (Tanaka et al.
In holokinetic chromosomes, the kinetochore plate covers a significant portion of the chromosome length (Wolf 1996).
8226; Ready-To-Use Vectors for Live Cell Imaging of Nuclear Proteins - Coding for Kinetochore, Chaperone, Histone, Mitotic Checkpoint, Mis12 Complex, and Hec1 Complex Proteins
Target functions include kinetochore and sister chromatid stabilization; S-phase signaling and G1-S regulation; transcription factors controlling cell cycle progression, epigenetic regulation, membrane oncogenes, and release of metabolic growth factors; and morphogenesis/cytoskeleton organization.
Taxane based chemotherapy, for example, pacilitaxel, is a common therapy for cancer as by increasing microtubules and it blocks the organization of the centrosome and kinetochore thereby inhibiting mitosis [99].
Induction of kinetochore-positive and kinetochore -negative micronuclei in CHO cells by ELF magnetic fields and or X-rays.
The arrangement of kinetochore activity along the whole chromosome has consequences for meiosis and must be considered in relation to function and evolution of the genome.
The centromere is the chromosomal domain that directs the formation of the kinetochore, a proteinaceous structure that interacts with the spindle microtubules to ensure proper chromosmal segregation.
The Caenorhabditis elegans kinetochore reorganizes at prometaphase and in response to checkpoint stimuli.
The kinetochore moves ahead: Contributions of molecular and genetic techniques to our understanding of mitosis.
2003) suggest that non-oriented chromosomes result from a linking failure of spindle fibers to the kinetochore, making them disperse in the cytoplasm.
Likewise, within the paired kinetochores, one kinetochore represents the plus face (depicted in black in Figures 1 and 2), while the other represents the minus face (shown in red).