king's ransom

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king's′ ran′som

an extremely large amount of money.
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Noun1.king's ransom - a very large treasure
hoarded wealth, treasure - accumulated wealth in the form of money or jewels etc.; "the pirates hid their treasure on a small island in the West Indies"
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a king's ransom, unless the ground be perfumed, and covered with
To no class of persons is the presentation of a gratuitous opera-box more acceptable than to the wealthy millionaire, who still hugs economy while boasting of carrying a king's ransom in his waistcoat pocket.
In money terms a king's ransom has systematically been grabbed and frittered away from Treasury coffers and it's all legal.
In money terms, a king's ransom has systematically been grabbed and frittered away from Treasury coffers, and it's all legal.
All they're saying is 'We're not asking for a king's ransom - we're only asking for what we think is a fair pay offer.
Ideal Properties Group's Jennifer Rhodes and Erik Serras scored a king's ransom on a Crown Heights "castle.
EMMA JOHNSON picks out some royally good presents that don't cost a king's ransom 1 fit for a prince George has actually been spotted out and about in this Breton top, PS13-PS18, Next 2 short story Just the thing for holidays, these dungaree striped shorts are PS12.
Second, he's on a king's ransom - any purchaser is taking a huge gamble on a player who spends most of his time on the treatment table.
Suzie Devey reached the final of the King's Ransom competition, run by pub retailer and brewer Greene King.
Posh Tots has a Red Beard's Revenge Pirate Ship Playhouse for a king's ransom [euro]39,000, complete with a crow's nest to spot trouble.
But many of the "hits" were from people curious to find out whether they'd need a king's ransom to buy one of the iconic cars.
Jason Green, CEO of Code Green, said, "Most credit unions can't afford a king's ransom to develop and maintain mobile apps.