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Any of various flycatchers of the genus Tyrannus found throughout the Americas, especially T. tyrannus.

[From their habit of aggressively defending their territories by chasing away other birds.]
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(Animals) any of several large American flycatchers of the genus Tyrannus, esp T. tyrannus (eastern kingbird or bee martin)
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any of several large, pugnacious New World flycatchers of the genus Tyrannus.
[1770–80, Amer.]
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Noun1.kingbird - large American flycatcherkingbird - large American flycatcher    
New World flycatcher, tyrant bird, tyrant flycatcher, flycatcher - large American birds that characteristically catch insects on the wing
genus Tyrannus, Tyrannus - type genus of the Tyrannidae: tyrant flycatchers
Arkansas kingbird, western kingbird - a kingbird seen in western United States; head and back are pale grey and the breast is yellowish and the tail is black
Cassin's kingbird, Tyrannus vociferans - a kingbird seen in the southwestern United States; largely grey with a yellow abdomen
eastern kingbird - a kingbird that breeds in North America and winters in tropical America; distinguished by a white band on the tip of the tail
gray kingbird, grey kingbird, petchary, Tyrannus domenicensis domenicensis - a kingbird that breeds in the southeastern United States and winters in tropical America; similar to but larger than the eastern kingbird
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Meanwhile, species more adapted to the arid Great Plains, including the Mississippi kite, northern bobwhite, and scissor-tailed flycatcher, and the Southwest, like scaled quail, Cassin's kingbird, and chihuahuan raven, may thrive within its borders.
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