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1. Any of several small grayish birds of the widely distributed genus Regulus, having a yellowish or reddish patch on the crown of the head.
2. A king ruling a kingdom considered small or unimportant.


1. often derogatory the king of a small or insignificant territory
2. (Animals) US and Canadian any of various small warblers of the genus Regulus, having a black-edged yellow crown: family Muscicapidae


(ˈkɪŋ lɪt)

1. a king ruling over a small country or territory.
2. any of several very small songbirds of the genus Regulus, of the Northern Hemisphere, having a patch of bright color on the crown of the head.
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Noun1.kinglet - small birds resembling warblers but having some of the habits of titmicekinglet - small birds resembling warblers but having some of the habits of titmice
warbler - a small active songbird
genus Regulus, Regulus - a genus of birds of the family Sylviidae including kinglets
goldcrest, golden-crested kinglet, Regulus regulus - European kinglet with a black-bordered yellow crown patch
gold-crowned kinglet, Regulus satrata - American golden-crested kinglet
Regulus calendula, ruby-crowned kinglet, ruby-crowned wren - American kinglet with a notable song and in the male a red crown patch


(US: Orn) → Goldhähnchen nt
(= king)König meines kleinen oder unbedeutenden Landes
References in classic literature ?
Yonder was Arthur, King of Britain; yonder was Guenever; yes, and whole tribes of little provincial kings and kinglets; and in the tented camp yonder, renowned knights from many lands; and likewise the selectest body known to chivalry, the Knights of the Table Round, the most illustrious in Christendom; and biggest fact of all, the very sun of their shining system was yonder couching his lance, the focal point of forty thousand adoring eyes; and all by myself, here was I laying for him.
She liked men and women, and she spoke of them - of kinglets she had known in the past; of her own youth and beauty; of the depredations of leopards and the eccentricities of love Asiatic; of the incidence of taxation, rack-renting, funeral ceremonies, her son-in-law (this by allusion, easy to be followed), the care of the young, and the age's lack of decency.
B.C.), minister and kinsman of a petty kinglet under the Chou dynasty, whose `Li Sao', literally translated `Falling into Trouble', is partly autobiography and partly imagination.
Everything from catbirds and kinglets to thrushes and woodpeckers are happy to dine at the Ivy Cafe.
For example, PS Flycatchers and GC Kinglets reached maximum abundance in old-growth forest and were extirpated or nearly so from 15% treatments, whereas Juncos were abundant and increased in all stand ages (Carey and others 1991; Manuwal 1991).
The book is driven by the author's curiosity, which leads him to undertake rather bizarre experiments using live or dead animals, such as comparing the body cooling rates of feathered or plucked kinglets and seeing how many sunflower seeds will fit inside a chipmunk's cheek pouches.
A little woman as their queen, the Spartans said, would degenerate their royal breed by producing mere 'kinglets.' And kinglets are no kings in carriage, conduct and comportment.
And don't forget all the spring and fall migrants, birds like warblers and kinglets, that rely on insect protein all year long.
Considering their prominence in this forest, ashes and elms were not as strongly selected (except by Ruby-crowned Kinglets, Rose-breasted Grosbeaks and Blue gray gnatcatchers), but consistent avoidance of cottonwood seems notable.
She now shares the landscape with kinglets, goldfinches, hummingbirds, and chickadees.
"Mixed winter flocks of our resident Carolina chickadees and tufted titmice, joined by overwintering kinglets and more, always amuse me with their noisy defiance of an otherwise quiet winter woods," Mason says with a smile.
If his ears are good, he'll hear the high-pitched, soft foraging calls of kinglets and brown creepers looking for spiders and other arthropods under the bark of tree trunks.